GTP 2014: Local Information



The workshop will be held at and is generously supported by CIMAT, Mathematics Research Center in Guanajuato, Mexico. This is their guest house Cimatel:


At CIMAT, and in Mexico in general, the main meal is at lunch time. Breakfast is also heavy (eggs, beans, bread, fruits). The lunch time at CIMAT is from 2-3 pm. There will be a workshop dinner in the evening of Thursday, November 13.


For participants who wish to stay in town, CIMAT recommends:

The prices given are for the duration of the workshop and subject to change.

Transportation will be provided between any of these hotels and the workshop venue (all three hotels are in the same area).


Guanajuato (Hilly Place of Frogs) is one of the major tourist attractions in Mexico and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

Traveling to CIMAT

For travel directions to CIMAT, please click here. The nearest airport is the Guanajuato International Airport, also known as Leon or BJX airport.

An alternative to flying to BJX is to fly to Mexico City and then to go to Guanajuato by a comfortable bus from the Terminal Central del Norte (a 5 hour trip). We recommend that you take an ETN bus and buy the tickets in advance at The rest of this section gives suggestions that you might want to follow if you travel to Guanajuato by bus.

In the airport of Mexico City, after you collect your baggage there is a TAXI office. There you buy first a ticket to "Central Caminonera del Norte" (the bus station for the North of Mexico); it is important that you tell the driver that is the one in the North, since there are others. They will give you a ticket and explain where you can take the taxi. You should give part of the ticket to the taxi driver and tell him again to go to "Central Camionera del Norte".

In the bus station, at your right there is the counter of the buses ETN "Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales de Mexico"; they are good and they travel to Guanajuato. There are 11 buses a day to Guanajuato (between 7:30 and 21:15) and 11 buses back from Guanajuato to Mexico City (at 1:00 and then between 5:00 and 18:30). The price is approximately 600.00 Mexican pesos per person. The bus makes one stop in Irapuato (about one hour before arriving in Guanajuato).

If you miss the ETN bus to Guanajuato you can take one to Leon and then change to Guanajuato, or use the "Primera Plus" buses to Guanajuato. On the bus station in Guanajuato, take a taxi to "La Valenciana". It will cost around 70 Mexican pesos and will take around 15-20 minutes. In "La Valenciana" there is a big church in a square. In front of the big church is Cimatel, CIMAT guest house.

Otherwise, you can go directly to your hotel. All hotels are located in the San Javier neighborhood, near "La Valenciana".

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